9 Month Miracle

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Teach your students about the miracle of conception, childbirth and the stages in between with a fascinating visual journey of the 9 Month Miracle album. Follow modern-day Adam and Eve in their family album as they experience their pregnancy and the birth of their child.

The family album features nine chapters, one for each month of the baby's development from conception to birth. Simply point and click on the month you want to learn about.

With over 20 animations, the 9 Month Miracle provides an incredible insight into how major organs and systems develop.

Follow along month by month with the EVU 3000 - a dynamic tool that delivers dramatic internal body photography showing the developing baby.

Our bonus feature, "Emily's New Sister" is a fun filled chapter with animations and activities for younger children.

If your curriculum does not require family life, reproductive or fetal development education, the 9 Month Miracle may be excluded from your subscription.

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