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The first chapter is all about healthy eating, which is one of my favorite subjects. Yummy! You will be introduced to the Food Guide Pyramid, and watch my son Alex and his friends learn about nutrients, food labels, and making healthy choices at school and at home.

This next chapter is certainly the most fun. We will talk about the importance of physical activity and how it is simple to incorporate 60 minutes of physical activity into everyone's daily routine. Plus, you can get outside and do things that you enjoy doing, like basketball, skateboarding or swimming.

Smoking and Tobacco Use is a heavy topic, but it is something that we will explore in this chapter because everyone is introduced to it at some point in their lives. We will discuss the harmful effects of nicotine, tobacco and second hand smoke, and help you understand why you should not begin using it.

Our final chapter of discussion is Alcohol and Other Drugs. We will talk about the dangers of alcohol and illegal drugs, and also the misuse of prescription and over-the-counter drugs. It is important to learn and understand the negative effects these things have on your body!

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