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Anatomy Practice

Why do I need to download Adobe® Flash® 10 when using Anatomy Practice ?

Adobe® Flash® 10 is a free download that is used to present high quality images and videos within the AIA online program. For additional information on Adobe® Flash® 10 please see their web site at

I have forgotten my user ID and/or password. How do I find out what they are?

If you are a single user (student or Instructor) go to the main login page of Anatomy Practice and select Forgot Your User ID or Forgot Your Password. For your User ID you will be prompted for your email address you registered the product under as well as your secret question and answer. For your password you will be prompted for your User ID, Email address and secret question and answer. Select recover and you will be sent and e-mail with your current information.

If you are a user behind an institution's Internet contact your intuition's system administrator.

For technical questions concerning logins, contact You will receive a response within 24 hours Monday through Friday.

I am receiving a white screen when I go to the login screen for Anatomy Practice .

A white screen when accessing the product is due to pop-up blockers not being or turned off for the product you are trying to access or the browser is not running in compatibility mode.

Please try Ctrl+alt as you open the link for the site.

Different toolbars, programs and browsers such as Internet Explorer, Yahoo, Google, Norton and AOL also contain pop-up blockers. Please be sure you have turned them off or allowed the program in all that you may be running on your computer.

Please also see these links for instructions: 0 716248332&radios=False

Flash Player isn’t working on my 64-bit operating system

Flash Player does not run in most 64-bit browsers. If you attempt to download the Flash Player in a 64-bit browser that does not support Flash Player, you will see a message from Adobe and a link back to an Adobe page. To install Flash Player, use a 32-bit Web browser on your 64-bit operating system. All major browsers are available in 32-bit versions and the Internet Explorer 32-bit browser is the default browser on Windows 64-bit systems.